2 years after insulating the old fridge: it's running flawlessly

Deutsche Version: Kühlschrank dämmen

Two years after insulating my old refrigerator i did a check-up:

Power conumption: I did meaure the energy consumption over 24 hours again. Room temperature was 25 °C, which is perfect because it meets the conditions for the measurements for the european energy level. Except that in my case the fridge was used normally, warm things were put inside and the door was opened maybe 15 times or so which is a small disadvantage for my fridge. The consumption was 135kWh per year which would translate into an energy level of an A+ fridge

Condense water: To keep it short i could not find any. I was watching with a torch under the fridge, behind the fridge, under the styrofoam plates as far as i could see and under the decor foil at a corner where it was torn a bit. All that was dry.

Burning: The fridge did not burn down ;)

The look: Visiting friends get their beer from the self-made eco fridge and they do not notice that it is modified.

So i am happy with my fridge insulating project.

Fridge with self-made extra insulation running stable at very low energy consumption