Changing a freezer into a super eco fridge

Even the most ecological fridges (A++) on the market are only reaching 90kWh per year power consumption. That is not enough for a fridge in my opinion knowing that some ecological energy efficient freezers with minus 18°C inside only need 130kWh per year. I am dreaming of the following project: putting a fridge's thermostat into one of these well insulated energy efficient eco freezers and therewith building my super green eco fridge. I calculated that the fridge's power consumption would be around 30-40kWh per year at 25°C room temperature.

Now i found somebody describing the changing of a chest freezer into a super eco chest fridge reaching 36,5kWh a year:


  1. Great find, however please remove the blank space at the end of your link. Because of the extra space there is a redirection to a somewhat weird-sounding e-book.

  2. Thank you very much. I did the changes you did suggest and it seems to be alright now.